180 Density Wig – How Much Do You Know About It?

180 density wigs are becoming more and more popular and hot sale because many people want to make them have a full appearance by having voluminous hair. There is a wide range of 180 density wigs online, then which one is better? And how much do you know about the 180 density wigs, here, in this post, I would like to tell you all you want to know.

In general, 180 density wigs can help you to achieve any full style you expect, of course, there are some disadvantages of 180 density wigs, and they will bring you a heavy feeling on the head.

What Does 180 Density Wig Mean?

180 density wig is a high-density wig made for people who want full volume hair and make them have a full appearance.

As we all know, 180 density wigs are fuller than other kinds of density wigs, just like 100, 130, and 150 density wigs; Of course, 180 density wigs are heavier than other kinds of density wigs. So you need to be aware of this fact.

In addition, 180 density wigs are more expensive than 100, 130, and 150 density wigs because it takes more hair strands to make these wigs, and also more quality materials to hold them together.

180 density wigs are becoming more and more popular and many people want to buy and wear them because they want to have full hair, at the same time, they can use the 180 density wigs to design their preferred hairstyle. Especially for these stars or singers who want to have full hair, at this time, 180 density wig is their best choice.

Weight Of Different Lengths Of 180 Density Wigs

Length (inch) Weight (g)
10 145-150
12 170-175
14 180-185
16 200-205
18 220-225
20 230-235
22 250-255
24 270-275
26 280-285
28 300-305
30 320-325

Is 180 Density Good for A Wig?

The answer is yes. 180 is a good wig density and it will bring you strong and fine hair. Of course, you had better find a trust worthy wig store.

Although it looks so full that people can probably tell that it is not your natural hair. At the same time, 180 density wigs will make you become more beautiful and stylish after you wear them.

180 density wig can always make you become more natural and beautiful. At the same time, 180 density wig spreads through the length of your hair without sitting fully on one side of your head or simply on top of the head.

For the 180 density wig, they are made from high quality materials. Among all kinds of materials, the best base material for a 180 density wig is a French lace wig cap, and the reason is that it holds the full hair properly and you can use it for a long time.

180 Vs 150 Density Wig

You can find the difference between 150 and 180 density wigs easily, including appearance, fullness, and cost.

While 150 density wigs deliver wig wearers with natural hair with added fullness, movement, and slight weight, 180 density wigs are heavier and offer a full and voluminous hair appearance.

150 density wigs are medium/heavy hair density wigs that look thicker than the natural hair, and can sometimes be obvious that it isn’t natural.

As we all know, 180 density wigs have heavier densities, and many people will not wear them every day. At the same time, 180 density wigs are widely used among these people who are performers, actors, hair models, and select people who want to embrace opulent hairstyles are the people who choose 180 density wigs over 150 wigs.

In addition, 150 density wigs are more comfortable on the head than 180 density wigs, especially if you’ll be moving around or engaging in exercises like jogging and swimming.

A comparison of the weights of 180 and 150 density wigs is done in the table below, and you can see how the weights change depending on the hair length.

Weight of 150 Vs 180 Density Wigs

Length (inches) 150 density Weight (g) 180 density weight (g)
10 130-135 145-150
12 150-155 170-175
14 160-165 180-185
16 180-185 200-205
18 200-205 220-225
20 210-215 230-235
22 230-235 250-255
24 250-255 270-275
26 260-265 280-285
28 280-285 300-305
30 300-305 320-325

180 Vs 130 Density Wig

Although the difference between 180 density and 130 desntiy wigs is slight, but you can still find that there are some diffrence. In addition, you can find a wide density gap between 180 and 130 density wigs, and you can see the difference in the fullness, weight, and cost of both wigs.

In general, 130 density wigs are very common for women, while many people don’t opt for 180 density wigs except for special circumstances.

While 130 density wigs can suit both shorter and longer wigs, 180 density wigs can look and feel too full on short hair, so the extra length is necessary to spread the density across the entire hair.

180 density wigs are widely used between 16 and 24 inches, 130 density wigs are perfect for wig lengths ranging between 12 and 14 inches, and might not be as full when used to make longer wigs.

180 wigs are also more expensive than 130-density wigs.

There’s a margin of difference between the weight of 180 and 130 density wigs, but of course, the length is the same. You can see the table below.

Weight of 130 Vs 180 Density Wigs

Length (inches) 130 density Weight (g) 180 density weight (g)
10 110-115 145-150
12 130-135 170-175
14 140-145 180-185
16 160-165 200-205
18 180-185 220-225
20 190-195 230-235
22 210-215 250-255
24 230-235 270-275
26 240-245 280-285
28 260-265 300-305
30 280-285 320-325

180 Vs 100 Density Wig

100 and 180 density wigs bring you different kinds of fullness. Take an example, while 100 density wigs are on the lightest level of wigs, 180 density wigs are on the heavier end.

100 density wigs will always bring you a natural look, and it seems like real hair, while 180 wigs are voluminous and heavy and create a full look, at this time, other kinds of wigs are hard to achieve this effect.

100 density wigs are more of the casual usage than 180 density wigs that are often heavier and used many times, for example, at weddings, festivals, birthdays, and so on.

As you know, 100 density wigs don’t need too much hair and they are ligher, so 100 density wigs are cheaper compared with 180 density wigs.

You can see the comparation in the below table.

Weight of 100 Vs 180 Density Wigs

Length (inches) 100 density Weight (g) 180 density weight (g)
10 80-90 145-150
12 85-95 170-175
14 110-115 180-185
16 130-135 200-205
18 150-155 220-225
20 160-165 230-235
22 180-185 250-255
24 200-205 270-275
26 210-215 280-285
28 230-235 300-305
30 250-255 320-325

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