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About UloversHair

Ulovershair was founded in 2011 with deep passion and rebellious spirit: to offer designer contacts at a revolutionary price.

The story started from a collision of inspirations from two interesting souls – Roy Chou and Adam Chen.

In 2010, Roy Chou, 22 years old, started working as Deputy General Manager in the factory of his father. The factory mainly processes human hair for major international luxury brands with decades of experience. However, Roy was looking for an opportunity of transformation from a simple OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to an original brand. He was thinking: why people need such heavy and inconvenient wig to block UV and to decorate their hair?

At that time, Adam Chen, at 24, was a young artist who loved fashion. After graduation in France, Adam got an internship work as designer assistant in a well-known fashion platform. He had learned a lot here, and he hoped to have a brand that embodied his concept of art.

When it comes to 2014, by chance, Roy Chou and Adam Chen met at a party of their mutual friends in Paris. After the two got to know each other, an idea of combining art and eye beauty came into being.

Those years, human hair had begun to be popular in the Asian market, but the design was dull and monotonous, and most of the wigs were too large and unnatural to be worn in daily life. The most important is, the quality of wigs on the market was a mess. Although Roy had experience and resources in the field of eyewear, wigs are not the same with glasses. So they went to the United States to investigate internationally renowned wigs manufacturers and consulted many experts in this field. A few months later, they began with blending Adam’s modern abstract paintings to the design of lenses. That’s how UloversHair was born.

UloversHair is the abbreviation of “Your Lovers Hair”. We provide one of the largest ranges of wigs around the world including bog wigs, lace front wigs. full lace wigs and so on. Because of the business model “Own factory, own brand”, we pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and high quality approved, allowing you to find everything you need to complete your desired look.

During these years’ development, UloversHair is outstanding compared with many other human hair brands. Basing on delicate design, high quality and mature online store operation, Ulovershair is loved by more than millions of girls worldwide, our global followers on Instagram have exceeded 915K, and this number is growing every day!

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