Brazilian VS Peruvian VS Malaysian VS Indian Hair

You would always find these four kinds of human hair online, even some of you don’t know the difference between them. Here, I would like to tell you more about the difference between Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and Peruvian Hair. Which one is better? Which one is fit for you? Please read carefully.
Malaysian human hair, Indian human hair, Brazilian human hair, and Peruvian human hair are very popular in four textures. Buy one of them, it is worth buying and spend some of your money. So you know, you need to know the difference between them and know which one is better for you in case it will waste your money.

Main Differences between These 4 Kinds of Human Hair

Malaysian hair – Malaysian human hair is very sleek when you see it and sparkling bright when you wear it. Of course, you know, any kind of human hair have its use time, at the same time,  the human hair quality begins to become low when you have used it for three months. So you need to mind this point. Last, Malaysian human hair just looks not that beautiful, but it will give you a natural feeling.

Indian hair – This kind of human hair just looks more dry compared with other kinds of human hair,  but still it is easy and convenient to maintain beautiful waves that easily form curls.

The curly hair holds very well, what’s more, it will not loosen slightly. So if you always worry that the wigg will fall, then Indian human hair is your best choice. Of course, it still will fall when you are in a wet environment or when you take a shower.

Brazilian Hair – This kind of human hair is more silky and shiny compared with Indian human hair. You will always find that they are straight, wavy, or even curled sometimes. At the same time, the Curls of Brazilian human hair tend to stay for a very long time and don’t get loose like Indian hair.

Peruvian Hair – This hair type tends to be bulky and adds a whole lot of volume to the hair. For this kind of human hair, the hair texture becomes more Curly and sleek, especially when they are washed or oiled. Another point you need to know, for Peruvian human hair, their texture is almost the same as natural African American hair when relaxed; So, it’s not easy to know they’re not natural when installed. At the same time, the data of the above-listed differences need to be collected initially before buying and compared with the end results to use the hair extensions.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian Hair

1. Malaysian Hair

Malaysian human hair should come from Malaysian givers. They are normally introduced as virgin wicks that poor person been artificially treated. They have an extremely brilliant appearance. This unnecessary sparkle as a rule blurs later 2 or 3 shampooings. Delicate and strong, Malaysian hair will fulfill those searching for volume. They are still new on the lookout and thusly more costly than others. Malaysian hair is heavier, thicker than Indian hair, just as being milder and silkier than Indian hair. The hair dries straight with a slight wave and later a couple of washes look considerably more regular. The hair has an incredibly lavish feel to it and has an extraordinary regular sparkle. The Malaysian human hair hairpieces are exceptionally solid and hence, holds twists very well. Twists will endure the entire day and don’t release or drop and no hair item is needed to keep up with the shape.

2. Indian Hair

Indian hair is the most flexible available. The hair’s thickness is extremely fine. Vigorous and light while being outstanding, this hair is truly in vogue. You can do nearly anything with these features: blow-dry, smoothing, shading. Assuming you need lovely twists, Indian hair isn’t the most appropriate in light of the fact that they are smooth, vaporous, and for the most part wavy. At long last, we don’t encourage you to disregard their upkeep at the danger of ending up obtaining for new hair in scarcely months. Likewise, it’s normally breezy, light, and fun and can without much of a stretch be twisted and styled. This hair likewise mixes well with most hair surfaces. Indian human hair hairpieces will more often than not dry into a delightful wave which goes from a slight wave to exceptionally wavy, despite the fact that it fixes and twists without any problem.

3. Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair is the most famous surface available at this moment. This hair is delicate quality, toughness, and (thickness). They can be smooth, wavy, or wavy. They normally hold circles well and don’t need a lot of upkeep when contrasted and another Hair type. They are regularly hair with a treated surface. It is vital for realize that by far most of “Brazilian” wicks found on the French market are most frequently Indian hair collected in sanctuaries and took advantage of by Brazilian organizations.

Why We Should Buy the Brazilian Human Hair:
  • 1. Top-quality: The virgin Brazilian hair Remy which is a thick, shiny version of Indian hair and often available in great lengths. In good condition, it accepts different settings, coloring, and any styling practice.
  • 2. Average quality: The Brazilian hair Remy. Avoid coloring or discoloring, and it has already been treated at the factory.
  • 3. Standard quality: The non-virgin Brazilian non-Remy hair treated chemically and whose cuticles are not oriented in the same direction is a good entry-level product. Avoid chemical or thermal treatments.

This finished hair is incredibly lavish and exceptionally delicate with a ton of body and normal sparkle. Its gloss is low to medium. On account of the thickness of virgin Brazilian hair, you probably shouldn’t use however many groups as you would typically use with different surfaces to make a full look. Because of its regular thickness, it is doubtful to frizz than other hair types like Malaysian or Indian Hair. This hair will likewise hold twists well overall and will in general hold twists longer than Indian or Malaysian surfaces.

4. Peruvian Hair

Peruvian human hair is very dense and comes with hard wicks. At the same time, Peruvian human hair is among the most durable and robust. they reflect the ethnic diversity of the country through the available shades and textures – from black to light brown, from smooth to wavy, and even curly. They will be perfect for those who want to add more volume, but they’re very rare; hence, they’re expensive. Peruvian Human Hair Wigs are a little coarser and thicker in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair.

  • 1. It grows naturally straight, wavy, or very curly. It blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures.
  • 2. The curly texture becomes more curly when wet or washed. It comes in natural colors of dark or light brown, this hair is luxurious and another one of our favorites.



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